Hi!, I'm Albert Garcia from Barcelona-Spain.I'm a Programmer 3D Generalist.


As a generalist 3d i make modelling, sculpting, shading, lighting, texturing in high poly or low poly for realtime graphics.

The programs that i regulary use are Maya, Blender, Substance's and zbrush (learning houdini now)


As a developer in unity i do systems,shaders,frameworks and tools for automatize workflows.

I do works about games, architecture, realtime vizualizations, AR/VR, gamified app's.

Also i have a "CFGS DAM" focused on multiplataform programming,so i know java, android native development and SQL.


I am passionate about technology who likes to face new challenges, I consider myself self-taught, started in 3d with 3d studio r4 in msdos XD, and to program with mel-scripting in Maya 4.0 . Over time I studied CFGS Multiplatform development and another as 3d Generalist to improve my knowledge.


I love technology, sports, videogames and cats.