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Albert Garcia Pardos

Personal projects


3D Generalist

Unity 3D Developer

Other habilities


Started in 3d at 14 years old with 3d studio r4 (ms dos version) as a hobbyist, after a few years working in other informatic fields i decided return to world i love since i was a child.

I have a good knowledge of 3d techniques commonly used, i use Maya and Blender as a base programs and for renders i use V-Ray,Arnold and Cycles, other programs used to archive the project goal.

Good knowledge of how light works and how interacts with world materials.

Good knowledge of many programs to help my work purposes.


  • Substance Designer for procedural tileable textures with different styles cartoon,stylized,realistic and smart materials for Painter.
  • Substance Painter for create object textures.
  • Zbrush for sculpting.
  • Marvelous designer for cloth simulations.
  • Keyshot and Marmoset toolbag for objects renders.
  • Photoshop for image editing.
  • After effects for little effects(still learning)

Started with unity in version 3,starting as level editor  in Doom2 and start modding games since Doom3(when i was a child).


I worked in projects for AR/VR, api frameworks in editor for videogames companies and in games not launched yet(in this page only have personal/learning projects).


As a 3D generalist profile i have good base for making good looking shaders faking effects to help mobile performance.


Currently working in two personal games,hope i can show soon(can show more projects in private).


Gamer since i was 4 with ZX spectrum,when gamers doesnt exist,just lovers.